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I came to this site many years ago, when the love of my life became addicted to meth. I did not understand the first thing about meth, but now I know way too much about the subject. I have met many, amazing people, both addicts and loved ones of addicts,  that have helped me realize I need to let go. I cannot change my exfiance, I can only change myself. After many years of going back and forth and thinking that he's changed, I can truly say that "I have finally let go." The game is over, when you stop playing, and I'm not playing. I'm tired of listening to the lies, every time his lips move. I am tired of his dual addiction that goes along with his meth addiction~gambling. He has stolen, lied, cheated and has done some pretty low things to feed his addictions including borrowing money from thugs, to feed his addictions, and putting me in danger, which I've never really told anyone about until now. He also lost the best job that he has ever had, and is on the verge of being homeless. His own family has washed their hands of him, even though they are as dysfunctional as he is. I've cried, begged, gotten angry, and every other emotion that a person can have. We've been the best of friends since we were 15, and 32 years later, after falling in love and having a wonderful relationship, I have decided that it's time to walk away and save myself. I pray to God that he gets the help he needs because he has lost pretty much everything in his life. He has almost died from meth, but chooses to go back to "the devils drug" every time. I don't hate him. I am numb to him. He isn't my best friend and the person that I have fell in love with his is an ADDICT. I can't change him, but I can change myself, and let go.     

My Occupation

Fraud analyst, for a credit card company.

My Hobbies

Reading, arts and crafts, pets, music, getting on the computer, spending time, with my boyfriend.

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